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As well as the International European Championships, there will also be the opportunity for all club teams to participate in the TWIF Open Club Competition. This event will be open to all clubs registered with a TWIF member association. Clubs from all TWIF member associations, outside of Europe are also eligible to compete in the TWIF Open competition.

There are no pre-qualification events to compete in the open competition, so if you want to challenge the best teams in the world, make sure you are registered with your national association, and get a team entered into the open competition!

The weight classes for the open competitions are:

– 560 kilos, 640 kilos, 680 kilos, and 720 kilos

- 520 kilos and 560 kilos

Mixed 4+4
- 600 kilos (teams to consist of four men and four women)

Male Junior - 560 kilos

Female Junior
- 480 kilos

Male Under 23
- 600 kilos

Female Under 23
- 500 kilos

To enter a team in the event, please complete the TWIF club entry form which will be available in due course.


All pullers taking part in the 2017 European Championships and World Junior and Under 23 Championships must have an accreditation card*.

The Accreditation booking form will be available in due course.

When completing your accreditation, please ensure that the passport number on your accreditation form is up to date and corresponds with the number in your current passport. If the numbers do not match, you will not be turned away from the weigh in and have to obtain a new accreditation card, so please ensure your details are correct and up to date to ensure that you have no delays at the weigh in. Please note that you will not be able to weigh in without an accreditation card and passport.

Details of the weigh in procedure will be confirmed by TWIF in due course. 

All participants of the 2017 European Championships, World Junior and Under 23 Championships and TWIF Open Competition will receive a competitors medal.

* Please note that all participants who book outside of the official accommodation package will be charged a fee for accreditation. The cost of accreditation for persons staying outside of the official package will be £100 per person. Accreditation will be free for those booking into the official accommodation packages.

Weigh In

The weigh in will take place on Wednesday 20th September 2017.

The weigh in will take place on individual scales as per the TWIF weigh in procedure.

The weigh in will take place within one of the main halls in Pontin's. Further details regarding the weigh in, including location within Pontin's and timings will be published in due course.